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Security Awareness Training for Dental Staff
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Security Awareness Training

Dental team members are the most important line of defense against cyber security attacks, especially those involving some form of social engineering. Unfortunately, security incidents are often the result of staff member mistakes. Technology alone is not enough to protect an organization, especially dental practices and other small or medium sized business with less comprehensive I/T resources. Over ½ of all spear phishing attacks, for example, are aimed specifically at small and medium sized business, probably for this reason.

With proper training and knowledge, dental staff can provide a crucial role in network and data security, preventing many types of cyber attacks. Without proper training, staff are likely the weakest security link.  To avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime it is important to provide dental team members with security awareness training.

Dental Imaging Training

Even the most sophisticated imaging technologies won’t produce quality images without staff members who lack training and practice. We can help audit your imaging processes and determine where best to invest in

improvements. Very often, a practice can achieve significant image quality improvement through staff training.

Website Development & Update Training

Want to manage your own website? Want overhaul/redo your dental practice website and then keep it updated yourself? Want to learn how to use a tool like WordPress, Joomla! or Dreamweaver to develop or make changes to your website without learning to code? We can help you come up with a plan and then learn how to use some effective tools to keep your site updated and fresh.

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